Mobile Journalism

          What: This Virtual Reality experience shows the same protest event from variousperspectives, giving you a vivid insight into the opinionating world.

          Why: In this age of information we are quick to form an opinion based on what’spublished. But there is more than one version to the stories we hear, see or read. Why not try a different view – it might change your judgement.
          How: Climb the stage, put on the VR-glasses and enter the scene of a protestmarch. Be a journalist, a policeman or a protester and see what happens throughtheir eyes. In the meantime the crowd can change the issue at stake by tweeting ahashtag to @mobilejournalism, making the experience ever more interactive.


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created by

Jim Brady
Luca Claessens
Vito Willems

special thanks

Alvin Arthur
Vito Boeckx
Laura Hoek